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about me

About me


Over the course of my 18+ year career in education, I have worked with children on the autism spectrum. 

First, as a Teaching Assistant supporting individual students in the classroom.  More recently, I worked for a London local authority in an advisory role supporting children directly or advising those working with them on how to support their social development and academic success.  In the past five years, I have specialized in very young children (aged between 3-6 years old) in the pre-school and early years.

As a professional who works with children and families, I am passionate about what I do and have recognized for many years that this is not just a job, but my ‘vocation’. In my approach, I start from the child’s strengths and build on them from there. It is my skill to engage little ones in early communication, social interaction, early learning, and play in order to further their development.

Research and experience indicate that early intervention is essential to a child’s social, emotional, and educational development.  

Intervention should begin as soon as possible for the best results.  There is no doubt that parents play a major role in their children’s lives.  In addition to providing direct support to families, I provide them with fun and educational activities through play.

I share highly effective information with parents during my direct work in the home to support their child’s development in every area. The ‘coaching style’ I utilize allows parents to feel confident in supporting their child’s development in their daily lives. 

I can support you from the first concerns through diagnosis and beyond.

My Skills

During my 18 years’ experience, I have practised a range of evidence-based strategies that focus on developing a child’s communication, attention, early learning, self-help and play skills.

  • Intensive Interaction
  • Objects of reference
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Colourful semantics
  • Attention Autism
  • Play skills (turn taking, exploratory and imaginative play)
  • Developing social skills
  • Use of visual supports
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Sensory processing skills
  • (Development of focus, joint attention, widening interests)
  • Providing support with self-care skills