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Belinda Gorga

Specialist in Early Years Autism Support

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Belinda and I am an Early Years Autism specialist offering support for pre-school children aged 3-6
The Autism Whisperer D.N.A

I have worked with many families, I recognise that they are the true experts on their child and the importance of viewing each family/child as unique, spending time listening to the family to help me understand what is important to them.


Sharing the skills I have gained over the past eighteen years to enable the parents’ and carers’ development in promoting their understanding in communicating with their child, building on their child’s attention, early learning skills and joining in the child’s play as a means of encouraging their pleasure and enjoyment in engaging with others around them.


Enabling the children and families to develop and grow through collaborative modelling and coaching.


my services

The Observe session allows me to analyse hundreds of different
unique behaviours
I start to work directly with the child and the family, sharing my wealth of knowledge
Bridging the gap between when I leave the room and the where the parents pick up.

Real Life Stories

"Belinda is just amazing. Our daughter has autism and Belinda's early intervention with her has enabled us to support and understand our daughter and we are forever grateful to her. Belinda is lovely she puts in tremendous amounts of care and attention into every session. Her enthusiasm is so contagious. Thank you Belinda”
Ali & Adam M
Being supported by Belinda has transformed the way that I support children with ASD. Not only has she increased my confidence and ability, she has also provided strategies to ensure that the children feel confident, settled and independent. She is able to personalise strategies to each child’s needs. Belinda is very supportive and is able to make adults feel calm and confident. We always look forward to Belinda’s visits and we gain so much by observing her model different activities and strategies. The children love working with her and so do we. The children would not be where they are without Belinda supporting us!
Lucy C